EpicSearch.in brings you effective search results with privacy we trust because we operate it and needless to say we never track you nor save your queries. In Epic, we always route your searches via our proxy which is another layer of privacy. We have tried to include other search engines in Epic, but based on our inquires we are unable to trust nor to recommend any other search engine even other so-called private search engines.

Here are some technical details on EpicSearch.in's privacy. EpicSearch.in always routes your searches via https (PFS -- much more secure than ordinary https) so that your searches are protected from your ISP and general surveillance. Your searches are always routed through a built-in proxy so that your actual IP address never passes to any search server and thus we can't know what you're searching for. Since your query is encrypted, the proxy also doesn't know what you're searching for. Simply, your searches via EpicSearch.in in the Epic Privacy Browser are virtually untrackable.

We do send your queries to our partner Yandex to retrieve search results. Yandex may save the query. We do not send any data beyond the query itself to Yandex.

We will offer more search options soon. To date, we have spoken with many search engines and to our knowledge, EpicSearch.in is the only truly private search engine operating today. You can support us here: https://www.epicbrowser.com/donate.html